What is Ube?

Pronounced (pronounced OO-beh); Ube has grown to be a major staple in Southeast Asian countries. Native to Southeast Asia, Ube is a purple yam whose glimmering purple center, mild, sweet flavor, and coconut-like aroma have made it a popular ingredient in traditional Filipino sweets.

A Taste Of Filipino Heritage

“[Ube] is not just a gimmick of something purple. There’s a soul to its consumption. It’s part of the culture, it’s part of our heritage. Ube [isn’t] a fad. Even if it passes, it will still be part of our culture.” – Jeremy Villanueva

Executive chef at Romulo Café, an award-winning Filipino restaurant in London.

Captivating Taste Buds!

Ube is more than just a flavor to be sampled. With complex flavors from coconut to vanilla and everything in between and still being a starch and root. Ube deserves a room on the table. Please take your time to enjoy our Ube desserts here and let us know how much you have enjoyed it.